Water Pumps for Dams: Windmills for Sustainable Water Management

Windmill Water Pumps for Dams Dams and Windmills across Australia Dams have long played an important part in water storage and management in rural Australia, providing a vital source of water for agriculture, irrigation, livestock and homes. In order to ensure reliable water supply, pumps are needed to move water from these dams to the […]

How much does a windmill cost

How much does a windmill cost? How Much Windmills Cost: Factors to Consider When looking into purchasing a windmill for pumping water from a bore or dam – wherever you are in Australia – one of the natural questions most people will ask is; “How much does a windmill cost?” While it is difficult to […]

What are windmills used for?

The original renewable energy source In rural Australia, windmills used for pumping water and for generating electricity are a common sight, and are a technology that has been around for generations, and continues to evolve and be used today in a variety of uses. Windmills were the original source of renewable energy and process automation, with the […]

Can Windmills Be Recycled?

The gentle giants of the Aussie Outback Over the last two hundred years, tens of thousands of windmills have been installed on farms, rural properties and communities all across the Australian outback. They were, for a long time, crucial to living in the harsh climates that Australia possesses away from the coastal regivans chima ferguson […]