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In need of replacement parts for your Windmill?

  • Genuine Southern Cross® Parts for the current range of “IZ” Windmills & “FA Towers” are still available.
  • Other parts for “A, J, R & Z Pattern Windmills”, “J” Series Windmill Pumps, Troughs, Check Valves, Pump Heads and Pump Jacks may still be available upon request.
  • Contact us for further information.

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Current Range of Windwheels and Windmill Towers:

Southern Cross® Windmills have been manufacturing high quality steel windmills for over a century, and to assist with the repair and maintenance of these mills, have a range of replacement supply parts available.

All exposed steel parts of our windmills are hot dip galvanised, in order to protect them from the elements, and much like our windmills, all of our spare parts are Australian Owned, Designed and Manufactured.

At Southern Cross® we understand that the safety and quality of installation of your windmill parts is paramount, and can direct you to a local dealer or repairer to help assist you in replacing or rearing any parts your windmill or tower may need.

If you would like us to direct you to your nearest repairer click here.

Additional parts:

In addition to offering parts for our current range of windmills, windwheels and towers, Southern Cross® also offer spare parts and replacement parts for some of our past models on request.

Contact us for more information on any old model parts you may require.