Galvanised Steel Windmills for the Harsh Australian Conditions

Need Windmill Maintenance or Repair?

Windmill Maintenance

For Windmill Maintenance or Repair, fill out the form below and we can direct you to your local windmill contractor.

Southern Cross Windmill Repair and Maintenance

Southern Cross® Windmills are designed to be self sufficient and require very little attention throughout their service life, and many of the Southern Cross® Windmills you can see across Australia are over 30 years old and still in a reliable operating condition.

However, as with any mechanism or machinery, it is inevitable that the need for repairs or maintenance will arise at some point in order to keep your windmill in its best running condition.

Southern Cross® Windmills has a network of windmill contractors across Australia, who are experts in windmill repair and upkeep, and with a variety of spare parts available to order, for both our current range of ‘IZ’ Double Geared Windmills, and limited stock may be available for some of our past models.

If your windmill is in need of repair or just some general maintenance, get in touch with us today and we will direct you to your local windmill contractor.