How much does a windmill cost

How much does a windmill cost?

How Much Windmills Cost: Factors to Consider

When looking into purchasing a windmill for pumping water from a bore or dam – wherever you are in Australia – one of the natural questions most people will ask is; “How much does a windmill cost?”

While it is difficult to provide an exact figure on this without specific details, there are a number of factors that may influence the price of your windmill, and determine the price of your new pumping system.

Southern Cross Windmills have been providing pumping mills to farmers across Australia for over 100 years, and have the experience that only comes with 150 years of design and engineering windmills and rural products for all types of farms and businesses.

A new windmill is an investment, and it is important to research and prepare for the cost of your investments; this post aims to breakdown those factors and costs so that you will be armed with the right information when you’re asking for a quote.

Size and Height

The size of your windmill, which includes the size of your windwheel and the height of your windmill tower, will play a significant role in determining the cost of your new windmill setup. Larger windmills with taller towers can typically pump more water or more reliably, but come with a higher price tag due to the additional materials required for the manufacturing, construction and installation. 

These factors will often be determined by the wind speeds and wind conditions of your property, and Southern Cross Windmills offer wind wheels from 6 feet to 14 feet and tower heights from 6 meters up to 18 meters.


Pumping Capacity

The pumping capacity of your windmill may also affect the cost of your windmill, as you will need to purchase a windmill that is able to pump water at the speed and distance required for your property. 

While you may not need a strong breeze on your property for reliable operation, the distance the water needs to be pumped and the required flow rate may call for a larger windwheel in order to ensure a reliable water supply. 

To ensure the pumping capacity factor isn’t a problem, Southern Cross offers a range of pump cylinder sizes for each wind wheel that will impact your pumping capacity, from 51mm to 102mm. 

Materials and Quality

The materials used in the construction of a windmill can impact its performance and the overall cost of the windmill. Southern Cross Windmills are made from hot dip galvanised steel and are designed to pump from deep bores and over long distances, in the tough conditions of the Australian outback. 

Galvanisation enhances durability and provides resistance against corrosion, ensuring longevity even in harsh environments. The higher quality of materials used in manufacturing can influence the overall price. 

Southern Cross Windmills are low maintenance, and have been known to last for decades – even up to a century – with little need for repairs or new components.

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Installation and Maintenance

The price of your new windmill includes not just the windmill itself, but also the cost involved in the installation process. Factors such as the location, accessibility and complexity of the installation can affect the overall cost, as well as the cost of digging a bore if one is required. 

Ongoing maintenance costs and repair expenses – whilst low – should also be considered when calculating the total investment in a windmill. 

There are a host of windmill installers and repairers across Australia trusted by Southern Cross who we can put you in touch with if required. Southern Cross Windmills also sell spare parts for repair, including windmill blades, gears, tails and more.

Delivery and Logistics

The cost of delivery to the site of your new windmill installation is also a factor to be considered in the windmill cost. 

Depending on the distance, terrain, and accessibility of the location, transportation expenses can vary. 

Southern Cross Windmills ensures safe reliable delivery of their windmills to customers across rural Australia, and will work with you to ensure that your windmill is delivered on time.


Things you will need to know about your property

Before getting a quote for a windmill, it is important to know a few factors about your property. 

These include how frequently winds blow and the wind speed (rough averages are fine); where on your farm you intend to install your windmill and if the land is rock, soil or sand; how close to your house, shed or any other buildings you intend to install the windmill; if you will be pumping water from a below ground bore or from a dam.

The location of your windmill to any hills or valleys may also impact your pumping ability.

Looking for quotes on word class windmills?

In conclusion, when determining the cost of a windmill from Southern Cross Windmills, it’s important to consider several factors. The size, tower height, pumping capacity, materials, installation, maintenance, additional features, and delivery logistics all contribute to the overall price. 

Investing in a windmill is an investment in sustainable water supply, and Southern Cross Windmills has a long-standing reputation for manufacturing high-quality galvanised steel windmills that have served rural Australia for generations.

Southern Cross Windmills come with a standard 3-Year Windmill Warranty, but have a design life of 30+ years and often outlast their service life on many Australian properties.

Contact our team of windmill experts today to discuss the best solution for your property, and how much a world-class Southern Cross Windmill will cost you.

How much does a windmill cost

How much does a windmill cost? How Much Windmills Cost: Factors to Consider When looking into purchasing a windmill for pumping water from a bore

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