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Southern Cross Windmill Towers:

Southern Cross® Windmills have over a century’s worth of experience designing and manufacturing windmills for rural Australians. Our windmills can be used for a variety of applications and are subject to our Three Year Windmill Warranty.

Over the last 147 years, Southern Cross® Windmills have become almost synonymous with the Australian outback, serving as a reminder of the hardships and ingenuity of our pioneers. Southern Cross® have been manufacturing windmills out of Australian foundries and factories since 1903, and have since produced over 250 000 windmills.

The iconic brand once again returned to Australian ownership in 2019 when it was purchased by the family owned agriculture icon, Ahrens. Southern Cross® have been servicing the Australian and international water storage markets for well over 50 years, and will now continue to do so under the new banner of Southern Cross® Water.

Recommended Minimum Heights of Towers:

To give the most efficient service it is essential that the lowest portion of the windwheel of the mill should be well above any obstructions in the vicinity of the plant, and also that the windmill should be well above ground level so as to take advantage of the better wind conditions higher up.

We recommend that the following should be the minimum height towers that should be used with the Windmills under average conditions, though we can supply lower towers for positions where they will give satisfactory service, such as on exposed hill tops, or we can supply higher towers for positions where they are necessary:

6 ft “IZ” – 25 foot, 8 ft “IZ” – 30 foot, 10 foot “IZ” – 30 foot,
12 foot “IZ” – 40 foot, 14 foot “IZ” – 40 foot

Tower Heights:

  • 6m (20′)
  • 7.6m (25′)
  • 9m (30′)
  • 12m (40′)
  • 15m (50′)
  • 18 m (60′)

The company agrees with the original purchaser of each Southern Cross Windmill that; at any time within three years from the date of dispatch of such windmill, the company will repair or supply parts without charge to the original point of dispatch to replace the parts which, on return, freight pre-paid, prove to the satisfaction of the company to be defective in material or workmanship, and providing the tower anchorages hold, and the mill and dower are erected and maintained with the instruction manual.

Under no conditions will the company accept responsibility or make any allowances for any consequential damages or any other expenses whatsoever.