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8ft IZ model Southern Cross Windmill at The Creek Learning Centre Sunshine Coast
IZ Series Windmill at The Creek Learning Centre
Cooroy Hinterland Playground 12ft & 14ft IZ
12ft and 14ft IZ at Cooroy Hinterland Playround
Ausplay Natures Kids Childcare Kalbar 8ft IZ
IZ Windmill at Natures Kids Childcare Kalbar
Windmill install at East Pilbara station
IZ Series installed next to tank in SA
Pyramid Hill Windmill install
Windmill Installed at Station in Pilbara
8 Foot IZ installed on existing tower
Windmill install in Wimmera Bungaree
24 Foot Direct Action at Gilgandra Museum

Windmills: Clean and Renewable Multipurpose Water Pumps

Windmills have been used to pump water for over 1000 years, and have been a staple of the Australian community since George Washington Griffiths, one of the founders of the Southern Cross brand introduced modern American designs to Australian farmers in the 1870’s.

In countries such as the Netherlands, windmills have even been used to pump water out of flooded lowlands, and back into rivers and streams, in order to allow for viable farming and agriculture.

In Australia, Windmills are most often used for pumping water from underground aquifers into a tank or dam, but can also be rigged to pump water from a dam into a tank, and all they need to operate is a light breeze.

Many graziers use a combination of a windmill and a float valve in order to keep their troughs full of water, to ensure the health of their livestock.

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