Water Supply Systems

In need of float valves for water troughs?

  • High quality stainless steel float valves with brass coatings
  • Available in 3″ and 4″ models for stock watering
  • Suitable for heads up to 6m and lines up to 30m long
  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions

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Float Valves for Stock Watering:

Float valves are an important aspect of any stock watering operation, ensuring that there is sufficient water available for cattle or sheep in watering troughs at all times.


While in some circumstances, cattle stations and farms have dams, creeks or rivers to ensure consistent watering for their livestock, there are farms where they are unable to do this due to accessibility or availability issues, and even times where these water sources are going to dry up.


Water stored in a water tank doesn’t suffer from evaporation the same way that water in a dam or pond does, which also allows to help your stock water go further.

Float ball valves:

Float Valves, also known as ballcocks or balltaps are used in most households in the form of a cistern float valve. In the same way that mini float valves for toilets work the float valves for water troughs also monitor water levels, allowing for automatic filling without a tap timer, and then shutting off the water flow when it reaches the top.


Most float valves, like the ones offered by Southern Cross, or indeed the ones found in your toilet, close upon a rising liquid level, however there are those designed to work the other way for industrial settings, where the float arm opens the valve, allowing for overflow when the tank or storage system reaches capacity.

Complete Stock Watering Solutions:

With Windmills, Float Valves and Rural Water Tanks all available from Southern Cross, we are able to assist you with complete stock watering solutions, from rainwater harvesting, windmill pumps for bores and float valves to ensure that your livestock never go without an adequate water supply.

For the 150 years Southern Cross have been in business, providing quality water storage and harvesting solutions has been at the heart of what we do.

Southern Cross Float Valves:

An efficient Float Valve is a very necessary part of a stock watering plant – it must hold the water in the tank when the stock are not drinking, and must let a big supply of water into the trough immediately the stock start to drink.

Made of Brass Castings and with a Stainless Steel Float, the Southern Cross® float valve is designed so that a slight lowering of the water in a trough is sufficient to allow the valve to fully open and discharge all the water the pipe will carry.

Float Valves for Stock Watering:

Southern Cross Float Valves were made in three types:

  • “M” for low pressure,
  • “CG” for medium pressure
  • “CH” for high pressure.

We currently still manufacture the 3” & 4” “M” series Float Valves. The “M” Series Low Pressure Float Valve is suitable for heads up to 6m and pipelines up to 30m.

Spares are available upon request for all types of valves.