Providing Windmills to Australians for Over 100 Years

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Hot dip galvanised steel Windmills designed to operate in all conditions.

Low maintenance, and any weather operation. Southern Cross® Windmills operate without noise or atmospheric pollution and eliminate the need to transport fuel or run power lines to remote areas.

Stock Watering

Assisting in stock watering processes.

Domestic Water Supply

Providing water for rural homes and families.

Tank and Dam Filling

Powerful windmills for pumping water over long distances

'IZ' Double Geared Windmills

Self sufficient renewable energy with proven operating reliability, some of our windmills are still operating after 30 – 40 years.

Windmill Maintenance

Windmill maintenance, repair and replacement to keep your water systems in top condition.


How much does a windmill cost

How much does a windmill cost? How Much Windmills Cost: Factors to Consider When looking into purchasing a windmill for pumping water from a bore

The Steel Price Rise and You

What’s causing the increase in steel prices? Manufacturing steel Due to Iron Ore being quite brittle in its natural state, thanks to the presence of

What are windmills used for?

The original renewable energy source In rural Australia, windmills used for pumping water and for generating electricity are a common sight, and are a technology

History of Windmills

What Australians and Americans affectionately refer to as a windmill, is in reality a windpump, as it does no job milling grain like the larger windmills of

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