Water Pumps for Dams: Windmills for Sustainable Water Management

Windmill Water Pumps for Dams

Dams and Windmills across Australia

Dams have long played an important part in water storage and management in rural Australia, providing a vital source of water for agriculture, irrigation, livestock and homes. In order to ensure reliable water supply, pumps are needed to move water from these dams to the required location, and for much of Australian history, windmills have been the solution to this issue.

Using a Windmill as a water transfer pump is a simple and effective solution that will perform a reliable job for decades with little to no maintenance required. With the assistance of float valves and water tanks, you can create a fully self-reliant water system for your farm.

Importance of dams as a form of water storage in Australia

Dams are a vital piece of rural infrastructure when it comes to water storage and supply systems all across Australia, helping to store excess rainfall for the summer months and releasing it during dry spells. These dams, ponds and lakes are vital for maintaining water supply in the long Australian summers, not only supporting agriculture but supporting fire fighting efforts when needed.

Using Windmills to harness wind power to pump water

Since the Griffiths Brothers first started manufacturing Southern Cross Windmills out of their factory in Toowoomba, windmills have been an important and iconic part of the Australian landscape. For more than 100 years, Southern Cross have been the leading manufacturer and installer of windmills in Australia, and these original windmills revolutionised rural living and opened up much more of Australia to farming.

These monoliths of the outback harness the power of wind to operate the pumping mechanism, transferring water from dams, bores and other water sources to troughs, water tanks or irrigation channels. This assists irrigation, stock water and households alike, ensuring reliable and sustainable water supply day or night,  operating even with the slightest breeze.

Benefits of using Windmills to Pump Water

  1. Sustainable Energy: Unlike petrol or diesel pumps, or even electric generators connected to mains power, windmills operate on renewable and clean energy, resulting in reduced carbon emissions when compared to many other pumping methods.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness: One of the advantages of windmills is their longevity and their low-maintenance nature. Once installed there are minimal ongoing costs, and they run on the slightest breeze all day long. Many windmills across Australia have been reliably pumping water for decades.

  3. Reliability and Durability: Southern Cross Windmills design and manufacture strong, reliable windmills that are designed to survive even the harshest of Australian climates. All exposed parts are hot dip galvanised and manufactured right here in Australia

  4. Independent Operation: As windmillls don’t rely on power, fuel or any other external energy source, they will operate when grid connection is unavailable or during power outages.

How to Pump Water from a Dam

  1. Find the Best Location: Determine the best location for your Southern Cross Windmill. You want it to be close enough to the  dam to be effective whilst in a position that maximises wind exposure.

  2. Choose the Right Windmill: Once the location has been chosen, choose the right size wheel and windmill tower for your water pumping needs.

  3. Install your Windmill: Install the windmill on the site – as Windmilll installation can be a tricky procedure, ensure you enlist the help of an experienced installer.

  4. Perform Regular Maintenance: While windmills are a low maintenance pumping system, it is a good idea to perform regular checks so that it keeps pumping water reliably.

Southern Cross Windmills for Dams, Bores and Other Water Supply

Southern Cross have decades of experience in providing a range of water pumping products to meet the specific needs of rural Australians. An Australian-Owned company, producing Australian-Made products that are durable, reliable and iconic.

If you would like a quote or more information on a Southern Cross Windmill for your home, farm or business, contact the Southern Cross Water team today on 07 4612 7202 or head here to request a quote.

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