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The Southern Cross Windmill

The Southern Cross Windmill is the original Australian windmill pump. In 1876, the Griffiths family, led by George Washington Griffiths introduced the first windmill pumps to the rural Australian public, based on blueprints by American inventor Daniel Halladay.

The Southern Cross Brand began making windmills Queensland could rely on, and still operate out of Queensland to this day building windmills and water storage solutions for people all across the country, even those as far away as South Australia and Western Australia.

These wind power pumping systems helped greatly improve the way of life on farms for local farmers, and in the early 1900’s, the Griffiths family decided on the name Southern Cross for these wind pumps.

The oldest form of renewable energy, over a century later, many Australians still rely on these windmills to provide adequate water for livestock or crops, and ensure their way of life.

Windmill Sizes

Our windmills are available in a range of sizes. The Southern Cross Windmill can be fitted with a windwheel between 6′ and 14′, and mounted on a tower between 20′ and 60′.

Our experts can help determine what wheel and tower sizes would best suit your windmill, based on the landscape you wish to have it built on, and the level of wind your property receives.

“IZ” Series Windmill and Pump Sizes

“FA” Series Tower Heights

The Southern Cross “FA” Series Windmill Towers are available in the following heights:

  • 20′ (6m)
  • 25′ (7.6m)
  • 30′ (9m)
  • 40′ (12m)
  • 50′ (15m)
  • 60′ (18m)


The minimum recommended tower height for each windwheel size, is as follows:

  • 6′ “IZ” – 25′ “FA”
  • 8′ “IZ” – 30′ “FA”
  • 10′ “IZ” – 30′ “FA”
  • 12′ “IZ” – 40′ “FA”
  • 14′ “IZ” – 40′ “FA”

Queensland Based Dealers

Southern Cross have a number of Queensland based windmill installers and dealers who you can contact for installation of a new windmill, or repair or replacement of an existing windmill. All of these installers are highly experienced windmill installers and repairers who can assist you with all of your windmill needs.

Queensland Windmill Installers

Central & Western Qld Windmills – Rosemount

99 Andreasens Road
Rosemount, Qld, 4560

Brian Rose
0427 583 772

Scott Rose
0499 017 825

Downs Water Warehouse

331 Taylor Street
Toowoomba, Qld, 4350

Ph 07 4634 3003

Fetlock Windmills and Rural

201 Delan Road
Bullyard, Bundaberg, Qld, 4350

Joseph Drumm
Ph 0434 421 736

Ooge Acres Bore & Windmill Repairs

PO Box 809
Roma, Qld, 4455

Ph 0428 223 714
Fax 07 4622 3741

RJ Howkins Windmill Services

234 Lion Creek Road
West Rockhampton, Qld, 4700

Reg Howkins
Ph 0467 727 408

Tableland Pump & Irrigation Repairs & Service

4 Cedar Street
Yungaburra, Qld, 4884

Ph 07 4095 2444

UpLands Services

PO Box 661
Deeragun, Qld, 4818

Ph 0429 805 205

Warrego Water Services Toowoomba​

321 Taylor Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350

Ph 07 4633 5513

Even outside of the more traditional windmills that Southern Cross Windmills offer, Queenslanders have continued to use wind energy for electricity generation with the Clarke Creek Wind Farm, Mount Morgan/Boulder Creek Wind Farm, Coopers Gap Wind Farm and Kaban Green Power Hub helping wind power to make up 10% of Australia’s total electricity generation, and 40% of renewable energy generation.

North Queensland currently has a renewable energy project in the works, with the construction of up to 100 wind turbines set to bolster the national electricity market with the Queensland government investing in affordable renewable energy projects.

Water Harvesting Challenges

We Love a Sunburnt Country

More than 80% of Australians live within a mere 50km of the coast – a testament to how dry and harsh the Australian conditions can be – and access to reliable water has always been a challenge for rural Australians.

Before the introduction of the modern windmill to rural Australia, many pastoralists and graziers were restricted by water supply, but when these windmills were introduced, they were able to set up large stations and pastoral runs well inland.

While most rural properties use their windmills to draw water from bores or wells, windmills can also pump water from rivers and creeks, or into and out of dams.

Solar Water Pumps and Improving Technology

As technology consistently advances, there have been a number of challengers to the humble Windmill pump, the most recent of which being solar pumps.

While solar pumps look promising, they certainly aren’t as tried and tested in the long run as the conventional windmill, with many properties across Australia featuring windmills that have been pumping water for more than 50 years.

Despite solar systems being advertised as a safer option, they may contain a potentially dangerous current, while the “dangerous” windmill accounts for less than 1% of all accidents on rural properties.

Also due to the lack of electricity in a wind powered pump,  there is no chance of an energy surge unlike with solar panels, and the maintenance is less complex and will not require an electrician to repair.

Why Choose a Southern Cross Windmill Pump

Southern Cross has been providing windmills that Australian families can rely on for over a century, and all of our windmills have a 30+ year design life.

With the backing of over a century of industry leading windmill design and Australian innovation, Southern Cross continue to increase on the over 250 000 windmills sold since 1903. All Southern Cross Mills are hot dip galvanised.

Every Southern Cross Windmill sold in Queensland comes with our 3 year windmill warranty.

The Windmill Pump Specialists

At Southern Cross we pride ourselves in the design and integrity of our Windmills. We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of top quality windmills, across Australia and around the globe.

Designed to thrive in even the most harsh Australian climates, all Southern Cross Windmills are designed and engineered in house.

Authentic parts are available for Southern Cross “IZ” windwheels and “FA” towers. Parts for the retired A, J, R & Z Pattern Windmills”, “J” Series Windmill Pumps, Troughs, Check Valves, Pump Heads and Pump Jacks may still be available upon request.

Over 100 years of experience

With the first windmill decorated with the Southern Cross name rolling off the Toowoomba Foundry line all the way back in 1903, Southern Cross has unrivalled experience in addressing water harvesting needs.

The first windmill built by the Griffiths family was produced in 1876, based on designs by Daniel Halladay, which were improved upon for Australian conditions.

These first windmills allowed rural Australians to move into more arid areas of the country for grazing sheep and cattle, and inland towns and pastoral runs began to spring up across the nation.

With you for the long term

This Southern Cross windwheel – a massive 7.3 m – now resides at the Gilgandra Museum and Historical Society, and was originally supplied by Southern Cross Windmills in 1924.

While now used purely for display purposes, the Windmill pumped tirelessly and vigilantly for 73 years before it was donated to the Gilgandra Museum and Historical Society by the Payne family in Mendooran.

Closing in on its 100th birthday, at the most recent service, all it required was some oil in order to keep it in working condition. This Mendooran windmill is a testament to the longevity and dependability of a Southern Cross Windmill.

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Southern Cross Windmills can help you meet your specific water storage needs, no matter where in Queensland you are based.

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