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  • Providing the highest quality windmills and windmill pumps to Charleville for over 100 years
  • Highly trained and knowledgeable windmill installers and repairers
  • 30+ year design life.
  • All exposed parts hot dip galvanised

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Charleville Windmills

Charleville is a rural town and locality in the Shire of Murweh, some 393 kilometres west of Miles and 254 kilometres west of Roma.

At Southern Cross we’ve been designing and installing Windmills Charleville locals can rely on since 1903.

People of Charleville can feel confident that they have the backing of over 100 years of experience, from Australia’s oldest windmill manufacturer.

People in Queensland are mindful of their need for a reliable water supply, and due to this, many have, and still turn to a Southern Cross windmill to help them meet their water pumping and collecting needs.

Windmill Sizes

Southern Cross Windmills are available in a range of both windwheel and windmill tower sizes, and our experts can help you find the windmill that best suits your needs.

Our ‘FA’ Series towers come between 20′ and 60′, and the ‘IZ’ windwheels are available in sizes starting at 6′ all the way up to a 14′ wheel. The dimensions of your windmill will be established by your surrounding landscape.

“IZ” Series Windmill Sizes

“FA” Series Tower Heights

The Southern Cross “FA” Series Windmill Towers are available in the following heights:

  • 20′ (6m)
  • 25′ (7.6m)
  • 30′ (9m)
  • 40′ (12m)
  • 50′ (15m)
  • 60′ (18m)


The minimum recommended tower height for each windwheel size, is as follows:

  • 6′ “IZ” – 25′ “FA”
  • 8′ “IZ” – 30′ “FA”
  • 10′ “IZ” – 30′ “FA”
  • 12′ “IZ” – 40′ “FA”
  • 14′ “IZ” – 40′ “FA”

Sustainable Water Solutions

Wind power is the original renewable energy source. It has been utilised to power our boats, mill our grain and pump our water for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Windmills have been a part of rural living in Australia for well over a century, and is a great renewable energy source, along with being an Australian icon. Windmills have been a part of rural living in Australia for well over a century, and is a great renewable energy source, along with being an Australian icon.

Still one of the best and most eco-friendly water harvesting solutions, a windmill can be erected and functional anywhere there is access to water, whether that be underground in a well or bore, or drawing from a river or dam.

Water Harvesting Challenges

We Love a Sunburnt Country

Australia is a famously arid and tough country, and water has always been challenging to come by for rural Australians – so much so that 85% of Australia’s population lives within 50km of the coast.

The arrival of the modern windmill, thanks to George Washington Griffiths, was a game changer for pastoralists and graziers, allowing them to move further inland for stock grazing, where land was more affordable and accessible.

Most windmills are used to draw water from underground water tables deep below the surface, but they can also be repurposed to reroute water from a river or creek, or pump it into or from a dam.

Solar Water Pumps and Improving Technology

As with any other sector, as technology improves, challengers will present themselves. The most recent challenger to the windmill being solar pumps

Windmill pumps on some properties across the country have been reliably operating for over fifty years, and while solar looks promising, its life expectancy has not yet been confirmed.

Windmill accidents make up less than 1% of all accidents on rural properties, so while solar pumps are often regarded as a safer option, they contain a dangerous current, and also pose risk of injury or death.

Why Choose Southern Cross Windmills

With a 30+ year design life, and over a hundred years experience in supplying windmills to Australian families, Southern Cross Windmills are a name you can depend on.

Our windmills are hot dip galvanised, and backed by more than 100 years of successful windmill design, and Australian innovation. Since 1903, we’ve built over 250 000 of our iconic windpumps.

Every Southern Cross Windmill includes our 3 year windmill warranty.

The Windmill Specialists

At Southern Cross we pride ourselves in the design and integrity of our Windmills. We specialise in the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of top quality windmills, across Australia and around the world.

All of our windmills are designed and engineered in-house, and are durable enough to survive in the harshest of Australian climates, rain, hail or shine.

Genuine Southern Cross parts for all current range windmills are available for repairs or maintenance. If you are looking for parts for any past windmill, tower, pump or trough models, contact us to see if they are still available to order.

Over 100 years of experience

With the first windmill emblazoned with the Southern Cross name rolling off the Toowoomba Foundry line all the way back in 1903, Southern Cross has unrivalled experience in addressing water harvesting needs.

The first windmills built by the Griffiths family in the Toowoomba Foundry were improved versions of blueprints designed by an American Engineer, Daniel Halladay, and these were produced well over a century ago, in 1876.

The introduction of windmills to the Australian outback allowed rural families and pastoralists to populate more arid areas of the country, causing towns and pastoral runs to begin popping up across these areas.

As Aussie as lamingtons or a fresh Vegemite sandwich

Similar to another Toowoomba icon – the lamington – Southern Cross windmills have become an Australian classic. However unlike the lamington, the Southern Cross Windmill originating in Toowoomba is not up for debate.

Operating out of Queensland to this day – in our Withcott factory – Southern Cross is an Australian owned and operated brand, servicing Australians from all across the country, from irrigators and graziers to rural families and households.

With you for the long term

This stunning 9 meter R Pattern windmill sits out the front of Pumps n Solar in Roma on a 15 meter tower, and catches the eye of many a passer by. It is the largest commercially operational windmill manufactured by Southern Cross Windmills.

Originally constructed in 1950 at the Toowoomba Foundry on a property called Dalmally, roughly 30km south of Roma, it was given a new lease of life when it was moved to its current location.

Despite being eligible for the aged pension and well past retirement age, this windmill still spins freely in the wind, making it an iconic installation and piece of history in the town.

Charleville Fun Fact

Bidjara (also known as Bidyara, Pitjara, and Peechara) is an Australian Aboriginal language spoken by the Bidjara people. The Bidjara language region includes the local government areas of the Shire of Murweh, particularly the towns of Charleville, Augathella and Blackall as well as the properties of Nive Downs and Mount Tabor.

Gungabula (also known as Kongabula and Khungabula) is an Australian Aboriginal language of the headwaters of the Dawson River in Central Queensland. The language region includes areas within the local government area of Maranoa Region, particularly the towns of Charleville, Augathella and Blackall and as well as the Carnarvon Range.

Things to do in Charleville

Charleville has several tourist attractions, including a museum of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia, a historical museum, wildlife sanctuary, complete with bilby reserve, the Cosmos Centre, and the World War Two Secret Base.